Sunday Market Illustrations

Summer in Seattle means folks flocking out to dog-watch, eat gelato on the curb and buy very expensive flowers and produce! Top to bottom: Emily trying on shades in Prism, Chris working her plant magic in the Palm Room, street view of the market, folks oggling bunches of peonies in all colors.

Spitting Cobra

A friend of mine, Joshua, had a hardcore punk band when he lived near Detroit in his youth. Due to the nature of the scene they still have dozens and dozens of tshirts and records. I thought to rework the layout of the 8″ vinyl record since I had always been interested in this kind of work.


Chinese New Year!

My family and I celebrate Chinese New Year each year with the exchange of red envelopes and often observing the large parades in Chinatown. I made a short animation that you can view on my instagram here:

FullSizeRender 47.jpg

Happy Chinese New Year! 🏮🏮🎉🏮新年快乐! Lion dances are used for any occasion needing good luck, though they are widely known for their part in Lunar new year celebrations. In the lion dance the lion stalks and devours a head of napa cabbage or lettuce, spitting the lettuce out onto observers and showering them with good luck. The Chinese word for lettuce sounds similar to the Chinese phrase ‘to accumulate wealth/to get rich’ with a slight difference in inflection. A political meaning for the lettuce comes from the Qing dynasty; the Chinese word for ‘greens’ sounds similar to ‘Qing,’ and since many people opposed the Manchurians being in power, the lion spitting out greens took on the meaning ‘resist the Qing dynasty and revive the Ming dynasty.’ 😬 Swipe on over to see the true colors!! 🌈 #themoreyouknow#chinesenewyear